Orchard City Wealth Management, LLC is a fee-only advisor, which means we do NOT accept or receive any referral fees or commissions from third parties. We work as a fiduciary financial planner, requiring us to put our clients best interest first before the needs of the advisor or the firm.

Initial Planning Engagement

After our initial meeting and once we’ve had time to analyze your financial situation, we will generate a quote for services and provide you this quote during a second meeting. We determine the amount of hours anticipated to finish the initial engagement and multiply those hours by our hourly rate range of $250 to $350.

Wealth Management Client

As a wealth management client, we charge a complexity-based fee and/or an assets-under-management fee.

For portfolio’s less than $1.0M, we charge a complexity-based fee and if we are managing assets, an assets-under-management fee.  Complexity-based fees are determined on a case-by-case situation and can range from $2,400 to over $25,000 per year.  Our assets-under-management fee schedule is below.

For portfolio’s greater than $1.0M, our fee structure is based on assets-under-management.

Assets-Under-Management Fee Schedule:

Asset range Fee %
$                            $ 3,000,000 0.85%
$ 3,000,001       $ 5,000,000 0.65%
$ 5,000,001       $ 10,000,000 0.45%
$ 10,000,001 0.25%
If you choose to utilize an outside manager for portfolio management, this fee does not include the outside manager’s fee. The outside manager’s fee will be reviewed with you upon entering into an agreement with the outside manager or sub‐adviser.